A tool for complex preparation of the Corporate Income Tax Return

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Quick and easy preparation of the Corporate Income Tax Returns

Financial Directors interested in:
How to simplify the preparation of the Corporate Income Tax Return? How to easily ensure control over the whole process of preparation of the Corporate Income Tax Return?

Easy to use and well-arranged application

It speeds up the preparation of the tax return

You can fill in the questionnaire for the Corporate Income Tax Return whenever you want

In the application you have everything you need for the Corporate Income Tax Return in one place.

Navigator PC

Tax Navigator is a web application for the complex preparation of the Corporate Income Tax Return, that enables effective cooperation between you and Deloitte. Access to the application is not limited in time, so you can work on your taxes whenever you have the time and are in the mood to do so.

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What can it do?
The application enables you to easily analyze specific areas which may require further attention during the preparation of the tax return. The interactive questionnaire will guide you through the individual tax and accounting areas. After filling in the questionnaire it is possible to effectively discuss particular issues during a personal meeting. It is possible to attach related documents and comments to individual sections. As a client you also have a constant overview of provided documents and open items.

What are its benefits?

  • Clarity of the preparation of the tax return
  • Possibility of interaction between you and Deloitte, thanks to which all the information and documents used for the tax return preparation are saved in one place
  • Time savings on your side –you can devote your time to taxes whenever it is convenient for you
  • Standardized form of outputs that enables quick tracing of necessary information
  • Easy tracing of documents even when there are big time lapses in the case of a tax audit, which minimizes the risk of loss of documents due to personnel changes in the team


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Benefits of TaxNavigator

The application enables easy orientation in the outputs, which are available to you in a clear form even in following years.

The preparation of the tax return takes place through mutual interaction between you and Deloitte, you provide us with documents according to your time preferences and you have constant insight into the calculation of the tax that is being prepared.

Sophisticated system of tax return preparation effectively saves your time and in the form of standardized outputs informs you in detail about individual aspects taken into account in the tax return.

You have unlimited access to the input documents and detailed outputs of the process of preparation of your tax returns in case of a tax audit or in case of a replacement of responsible employees.

Clients’ experiences

„We consider Tax Navigator as one of your major competitive advantages.“

BILLA, spol. s r. o.

„After the first year of experience with the Tax Navigator application we evaluate it as very useful. We already had experience with a similar questionnaire from our previous advisor, however it was far from covering such a wide spectrum of tax issues as Tax Navigator does.“

Blue Style s.r.o.

„The cooperation with your company during the tax return preparation was very good. We especially appreciated the perfect time flexibility and excellent level of communication. We were continuously informed about the process of the tax return preparation. The quick reactions from the side of your company to our requirements and suggestions suited us well.”

UPS SCS (Czech Republic) s.r.o.