While a robot is processing routine tasks, you can focus on things that really matter…

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What does RPA mean?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an automation method used mainly for Back-Office processes.  Using special software, employees can capture a business process, and then, in cooperation with developers, configure a robot which can perform the task from that point forward. In other words, it is a software configured to mimic the user's behavior across applications.  RPA means you can leave monotonous standardized work up to the robot and let your employees focus on tasks with higher added value.

RPA saves your time

RPA does not make mistakes

RPA does not interfere with other IT systems

More Information about RPA

You can utilize robots no matter what kind of accounting/ERP system you are already using.

Advantages of RPA

  • The robot utilizes the same interface/apps as users do (it is not a new IT integration)
  • The robot works effectively with several apps at once (e.g. Get PDF from email attachment, copy values into an Excel spreadsheet and then attach the PDF to the corresponding invoice in SAP)
  • The robot does not make mistakes and always follows defined rules
  • The robot will work any time, it doesn't need breaks and can work through the night when there's low traffic on servers
  • The robot logs its activity and all actions can be traced and proved
  • The robot works approximately 80% more quickly than human

The Robot Can

  • Log in to company systems and applications
  • Move files and folders. Use copy, cut and paste
  • Open emails and work with attachments
  • Fill forms, read and write to databases
  • Calculate and make decisions based on rules "if/then"
  • Search web

Video: A robot Uploads Invoices to Navision

Benefits of RPA


A robot is easily acquired virtual workforce. Hiring process is similar to recruiting an employee, except that you do not need to search for them, you just buy the licence.

Robot recruitment in a nutshell:

  • Purchase of the licence instead of complicated search and hiring process
  • Get computer ready the same way you would do for an employee
  • Robot installation instead of trainings
  • Assign work by one click instead of long meetings

Employees are more motivated, they can get rid of tedious activities and can concentrate on more interesting work.

  • Standardized task are completed on time and without errors
  • People's potential can be used where it makes a difference
  • Transactions can be processed overnight and be ready when employees come to work
  • Process auditing is easier
  • Robots are always motivated, they do not take vacations and can work 24/7

What Will You Get?

 Nonstop working Robot
Work done without mistakes
 RPA solution developed and deployed within weeks
Employees can pursue task with higher added value