Maják (in English "Lighthouse")

Protects against unknowingly being drawn into VAT fraud and the related risk of losing entitlement to a VAT deduction.

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VAT fraud will not stay in the shade

Financial Executives interested in:
How not to get into a VAT fraud chain? How to test suppliers or which public registers and clues to monitor to review business partners for VAT risk purposes? How often to check business partners and what control mechanisms and tools to use? What should be archived for the case of an audit?

Continuously checks suppliers and customers

Reduces the risk of receiving a securing order

Creates evidence that can be used in case of litigation

Majak PC

Reviewing business partners once at the start of cooperation and even more manually is not enough today because you can easily become a part of a VAT fraud. Maják application from Deloitte checks public registers and checks the suppliers and customers, which you have entered with a set of tests.

Maják´s tests reliably stand up to VAT audits by the Tax Authorities. We have designed them based on our experience from a range of VAT audits and representing of clients in the litigation.

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Maják application serves as a reliable defense against VAT fraud.

The application for checking suppliers and customers continuously checks publicly available data and performs other control mechanisms based on preset rules.

The client can log into the application for checking more details and add contextual information related to the decision.

Clear and easy to use

In case of identifying an indication of VAT fraud , it alerts the client´s representative.

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Benefits of Maják

Reducing the risk that the tax administrator will withhold the right to deduct VAT and the potential criminal liability of executive directors.

Reducing the risk of fines, penalties and litigation costs.

Effective and undemanding control of large numbers of business partners.

Shorten the course of tax proceedings and improve cashflow.

Podpora jednání s péčí řádného hospodáře.

It creates evidence in tax proceedings.

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